About Us

We are extremely excited to welcome you to Ivy House Nursery Family, established in 2021 by Olivia & Hollie, Directors of Ivy House.

Ivy House is full of love and laughter, providing the perfect foundation for any child’s early years journey with us. A journey we know is extremely precious, having young children ourselves (5 to be exact!).

Every site we open is chosen with a lot of thought and care as to whether it fits our ethos and can deliver the environment we want your children to grow in. 

We know how daunting the decision can be when having to choose a nursery setting, searching for that ‘feeling’ when you walk into a nursery that the team will nurture your little one just as you would; encouraging each step of their development with great kindness and care.

A place you know your child will develop and learn at a pace that suits their individual needs and most importantly a place they feel safe and secure.

Both of our careers have been solely dedicated to the field of care and education and with combined expertise within Montessori practice, special educational needs, forest school and teaching we are excited to combine our passion and experiences to own Ivy House together, not forgetting all of the invaluable lessons we have learnt along the way as Mummy’s too!

We are true to our word and offer a very homely nursery environment, transparent in all that we do, somewhere that feels warm. Please do pop and visit us, we are here to support you as a family in making one of the biggest decisions we make as parents.

We are excited to watch special friendships flourish and our team can’t wait to become a huge part of the future for so many little hearts and hands.


Olivia & Hollie
Directors of Ivy House Nursery

Expanding children’s minds – one adventure at a time.

Our principal role is to expand children’s minds- one adventure at a time.

At Ivy House we incorporate a range of different learning approaches to ensure each of our little ones get the very best start in their early years journey.

Our team is made up of practitioners that specialise in different curriculum areas so we can offer as broad a curriculum as possible but our principle roots are undoubtedly laid in the Reggio Emilia Approach and the importance of children learning through their own curiosity and play.

We take pride in sharing our ideas to ensure our nursery opportunities are as open ended as possible and that each day is as unique and fun as possible.

Our Promise

Our promises include:

  • our learning and experiences being wholly child centred; derived from talking to our children and parents as individuals so we can plan to support each child as confidently as possible
  • our play spaces offering a range of learning opportunities for children to explore at eye level, to ignite their imagination and allow them to explore various interests
  • our practitioners learning alongside their children to ensure they form a strong bond throughout their early years and gather a true understanding of how each child learns differently
  • creating warm, homely environments in which each child can feel as safe and nurtured as possible to form friendships,make decisions and explore confidently

At Ivy House we all love what we do.

Early Years education is our passion and we work hard as a team to offer the very best experiences to every single child who we have the honour of nurturing.

Our role is a simple but a precious one …to ensure our little ones leave us confident enough to spread their wings and begin their next chapter full of the fondest early years memories.

"We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun".

Winnie The Pooh