Our Approach

Space to Grow

At Ivy House Nursery we appreciate that each and every child is different, which is of course what makes them so special.

Some children take time to adjust to their new environment while others are confident to jump straight in. We work with you to ensure your child is settled and ready for any transition with us.

Whether that be when they first join us here at Ivy House or when it is time to move onto their next part of their learning journey within the nursery. 

Each room allows children to develop, learn and play at a pace that is just right for them. There is no one shoe fits all approach because as we all know each child is individual.

We will take your child’s lead and look for those vital signs that tell us they are ready to explore a new space.

This process is manged with love and care from our team, consulting with you and ensuring we are all working together.

We understand the importance of a fresh, stimulating, and exciting learning environment and that is why we invest time into each space.

Our resources are regularly updated, swapped, and built upon which means children remain engaged and ready to progress towards that next step in their learning journey.

The Curiosity Approach

At Ivy House Nurseries, we are inspired by The Curiosity Approach.

A beautiful way to create Awe and Wonder in Early Childhood.

Children are at the centre of every decision we make which in turn ensures that they are confident and happy to play and explore during their time with us.

The Curiosity Approach explores the great pioneers of Early Years; Rudolph Steiner, Loris Malaguzzi and Te Whariki.  This combines a magical mixture of ingredients to create a very special pedagogy.

We believe this way of learning allows us to offer strong foundations, supporting children to become confident communicators, who are resilient and excited to explore and learn through a broad range of open-ended play opportunities.

We provide a wide range of natural and open ended materials, promoting curiosity, imagination and creativity. At Ivy House we offer a calm and neutral environment, with limited plastic and bright colours. This provides a blank canvas which therefore ensures each child can express themselves freely.


Little tummies full of healthy food is very important to us…

Here at Ivy House we understand how important meal times are. We appreciate and understand that children have different tastes, likes and dislikes and also varying dietary requirements.

We support children with allergies and ensure a detailed meeting takes place when joining us. 

At Weybridge we work in partnership with Hungry Moose who provide us with healthy, nutritious balanced meals. HungryMoose are specialist bespoke school, nursery and pre-school caterers providing quality fresh, healthy, nutritious hot lunch & tea meal options You can find out more here: https://hungrymoose.co.uk

If your little one has one of those days where they maybe aren’t too hungry and haven’t eaten as much as we’d feel suitable for a day at nursery, we will always offer toast, crackers, fruit and more. We will communicate this with you so we are able to work in partnership.

We encourage children to be involved at mealtimes, building confidence around trying new foods, exploring textures and taste and seeing this time of day as being fun and enjoyable.

We offer breakfast for those children joining us in the morning, snack time mid morning, lunch around 11:45, snack mid afternoon followed by tea which is near to 16:00.

Manners and Communication – Fun & Engaging Too!

Meal times are an important time of the day for our nurseries. Promoting good manners, communicating with our friends and grown ups and taking that all important time out to enjoy good food together are skills for life.

We also include a lot of fun when it comes to mealtimes too… with of course the odd treat thrown in!